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Phuket IT & Software Solutions - GSM Signal Booster

If your property, business or home suffers from poor or non-existent mobile phone reception we now provide the perfect solution to your problem. Phuket IT and Software Solutions is now offering a comprehensive GSM Signal Booster system which is compatible with Thailand’s top tier mobile phone service providers including AIS, DTAC and True. By implementing our system of receivers and signal repeaters anyone can have strong signal strength in the most remote or obstructed areas, while at the same time reducing dangerous mobile phone radiation which is emitted during times of decreased reception.

Contact us today for a free survey and installation quotation. After it is determined which area has the best reception we can install an antenna that will receive GSM signals across all GSM Bands. These signals will then be sent to our GSM booster amplifier and then relayed to strategically placed antennas where improved reception is needed. Problem solved.

Our system is perfect for city locations such as hotels, malls, underground and parking facilities where signals are blocked or degraded by buildings within close proximity or dense structural elements. Large resorts and clubs where rooms and facilities may be out of range of a strong signal have also benefited from our system for comprehensive signal reception.

We welcome you to visit our website for a list of our clients who have seen dramatic results since installing our GSM Signal Boosters and those who have also benefited from our other cutting edge services.

Phuket IT & Software Solutions Co., Ltd. is an established and well respected provider of wide-ranging IT services. The installation of VoIP networks, CCTV, and Smart Camera Systems as well as website design and computer maintenance, have earned us a client base as diverse as the Chalong Police Department of Phuket, The Grand Heritage Resort in Jomtien, Chonburi and the Phuket International Hospital in Phuket.

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