Point of Sales - POS Systems

A Point of Sale Solution is a smarter tool to track your customers’ orders, process credit cards,
and manage your inventory. A POS System

Restaurant/ Bar Point of Sale Solutions (POS)

  • Record edits, add, search food and drink orders fast and accurately.
  • Instant stock cutting
  • Support move, split, join and cancellation of table
  • Instant kitchen printing. Supports up to 7 kitchen printers
  • Supports discount and extra charge, receive and payout at only one screen.
  • Supports instant printing of daily report, receipt and tax invoice.
  • Supports payment received buy cash, credit, and credit card
  • Ability to manage staff and cashier
  • Security functions. Set limitation of each user
  • Ability to customize forms, receipt and reports
  • Supports multi-user by LAN connection
  • Reined function
  • Back-up instantly with a few clicks
  • Supports upgrade of software and transfer old information easily
  • Daily, monthly and yearly report
  • Report of orders of food menu by each waitress, customer and by table
  • Report of Special Menu.
  • Report of best sell menu by day, month and year
  • Profit/loss analyze function
  • Report of incoming and outgoing of stock and many more features that make your business easier than ever.

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